Intro Week ESGV

From the 15th till the 19th of August, Eindhoven was flooded with more than 2000 freshman eager to start and settle into their new city and university. Of course, like any association, De Club was present and active organizing a multitude of activities both at the driving range and on campus. For those of you who didn’t get the chance to drop by that week, here is a short overview of our activities:

On Tuesday 16th of August, De club had a stand on campus in the sports association section where all the freshman could hit balls to get a taste of the experience as can be seen on the photo. They would win a beer if they would het the targets. Because beer and students golf go hand in hand. Wednesday 17th of August was again on the TU/e campus where we had highlighted another element of the golf: putting. We had set up a makeshift putt-putt course which showed some master putters with hidden talents. Lastly, but certainly not least, was the workshop on Thursday 18th of August which took place at the driving range where Andrew our PGA pro (a.k.a. Big A) gave some beginners workshops for the freshman. This was including a hamburger and over 120 students came by to get a taste for the game of golf. The fun doesn’t stop here! As you are reading this the introweek for the Fonty’s is going on with a very similar set-up and here we hope to get more people excited for the sport of golf and to see an increase in the awareness of the sport. We hope and wish everyone a great golfing season this year with many great tournaments and low scores!